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It started as an infatuation with wearable objects that keep secrets and tell stories. The little things that bring sparkles to our lives. Every charXchen piece is meant to be an everyday companion, to be worn, and gather experiences (big + small) with you. Each is precious because of who wears it. Thank you for being a part of our story. 

Current collection includes pieces casted in brass, sterling silver, and 14K gold, plated in 20K gold, 18K gold, rose-gold, or white gold. All pieces are handmade with love.

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Founder + Designer 

Having been an avid traveller all her life, Charlotte was looking for everyday accessories that would accompany the life of a full-time nomad and city dweller. Always known by those around her for her adorned fingers, Charlotte has treated her jewelry as an inseparable part of her life even before she started designing her own.

After concentrating on Art History in university, followed by further studies in Art Business, Charlotte developed an interest to convert handcraft objects to accessible forms, especially to suit the demands of contemporary life. Launching charXchen in 2015, Charlotte reflects her approach in the clean silhouettes, geometric shapes, and minimalist forms of her designs. Citing Picasso and Brancusi as two of her favorite artists, she often takes inspiration from modernist painting and sculpture. For Charlotte, the perfect accessories are not only ones that can be worn daily for their lightness and simplicity but also can be trusted as constants. As soon as they are slipped on—whenever, wherever—charXchen pieces become mobile, sculptural objects.




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