Flip cuff

Flip cuff


So where do we start? Basically, this Flip cuff embodies our ethos.

Since the very beginning, our ideal has been to create neutral pieces that may easily infuse into every wearer’s daily life. To make wearable objects that will withstand the test of time, form memories, and become an essential part of your personal style. 

Formed in polished brass, this arm piece is easy to wear and goes from day to night seamlessly. The color of the brass will change with age- gets slightly yellower with oxidization, but isn’t that the ever-changing beauty of an organic material? To best preserve the coloration of polished brass, keep away from perfume sprays or sweat. Store the piece in the cotton pouch to minimize oxidation.

*Made to order. The delivery date will be 3-4 weeks from order confirmation. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

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