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It started as an infatuation with wearable objects that keep secrets and tell stories. The little things that bring sparkles to our lives. Every charXchen piece is meant to be an everyday companion, to be worn, and gather experiences (big + small) with you. Each is precious because of who wears it. Thank you for being a part of our story. 

Current collection includes pieces casted in brass, sterling silver, and 14K gold, plated in 20K gold, 18K gold, rose-gold, or white gold. All pieces are handmade with love.



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Aligned with our belief of creating wearable objects, our alphabets are in the form of playful spheres. from A to Z, each of these alphabets are crafted with love and care. personalize with necklace, bracelet, stud earring, and ring, all pieces made in sterling silver or 18K vermeil. 



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Expanding our exploration of forms and materials, we are working with a traditional Japanese technique of enamel- shippoyaki, in this capsule collection. The phrase translates as "seven treasures". The name nana is inspired by the etymology of this technique since seven in Japanese is both expressed as “shi" or “nana”. Each enamel is first painted on a brass backing, then paired with sterling silver designs of seven variations. As enamels are unique products of chemical reaction from glass pigment and heat, we felt it would be best to highlight the jewel-toned colors by simplifying the designs in abstract shapes. The name is particularly fitting since it also serves as a dedication to Charlotte's grandmother, who introduced her to this form of jewellery. 


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In developing our second collection, we looked into duality and the juxtaposition of textures. We continued to work with brass, sterling silver, and 14K gold, but also experimented with elements that will add another dimension to our wearable objects. With this in mind, we played with materials like jade as well as cultured pearls, and infused them into the charXchen aesthetic. Not only are these two materials particularly reflective of our East Asian influences, but they have also been re-imagined into sleek and modern silhouettes, great for everyday wear. 

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